Elena Chizhova is an acclaimed Russian writer and translator, and winner of several Russian literary prizes, including the Russian Booker Prize for her incisive and highly emotive novel The Time of Women in 2009. More recently, Chizhova has attained international recognition too, with translations of her books into foreign languages and reviews in major literary outlets such as The Los Angeles Review of Books, The Kirkus Review, and The New York Times. Little Zinnobers, the most recent translation into English, is especially interesting to British readers as we see Shakespeare's famous sonnets and plays touchingly brought to life by the novel's heroine, a gifted teacher, and her Russian students. The teacher applies some of the playwright's satire to the socio-political situation of the USSR, while also using her English lessons to teach her students life's broader lessons.


Anatoly Kudryavitsky was born in Moscow, Russia, of Irish/Polish/Italian parentage. He writes poetry in both Russian and English and fiction in Russian. Since 1999, he has been living in Dublin, Ireland, and, more recently, in Reggio di Calabria, Italy. In the 1980, he worked as a researcher, and he holds a PhD in biomedical science. Later, he worked as a journalist, a creative writing tutor, and a literary translator. He is the author of five collections of his English-language poetry, the latest being “The Two-Headed Man and the Paper Life” (MadHat Press, USA, 2019.) His new collection, “Involuntary Sculpture”, is forthcoming from La casa della poesia (Italy) in spring 2020 as a bilingual English/Italian edition. His poems have been translated into fourteen languages. He has published four translated anthologies of contemporary German, Ukrainian and Russian poetry in English translation, with Dedalus Press (Ireland) and Glagoslav (UK). In Russian, he has published three novels, of which two have been translated into English and published by Glagoslav, and eight collections of his poetry. He is the editor of SurVision poetry magazine and SurVision Books.


On Saturday,  9.45 - 12.00, Manchester Art Gallery will also play host to the curation team of Manchester Central Library, who will bring a display of their latest lending material on Russia, as well as rare books ranging from the 17th to the early 19th century from their Special Collections. Darren Rawcliffe and Sobia Gondal, curators from the library, will be there to answer all your questions about the books and library services.

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