Sergei Kachkin (born 1973) is a Russian filmmaker, film producer and co-organiser of DOKerFest. At New Russias, Kachkin will discuss his work, particularly his unique blend of feature and documentary filmmaking. He will also show his first feature film, 'On the Way Home' (2011), which was critically acclaimed at the Krakow Film Festival and the American Documentary Film Festival in 2012, and his 2016 documentary, 'Perm-36. Reflexion', which presents a series of poignant vignettes of former political prisoners of the USSR.

Kachkin will be presenting at Manchester Art Gallery on the 8th February.

Moscow International Documentary Film Festival, DOKer, has stemmed from the project of the same name which screens independent non-fiction. DOKer is aimed at analyzing and screening in Russia various genres and forms of the world's documentaries as a separate line of cinema in all its aesthetic and

socio-cultural diversity.

The Festival focuses on independent documentary cinema that incorporates both poetic narrative and social blockbusters; footage and mockumentary; art-house and science-fiction; classic and experiment.

This event looks at the origins and goals of the festival and discusses its plans for the future. As part of this, the presentation will include a showing of the film 'Third-Class Travel' (2017, Roman Ismailov). 

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